Friday, March 24, 2017

2 Xenomorph vs 3 Leatherface


Creators: Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett

Appearances: 6 Films

Bolaji Badejo (Alien)
Percy Edwards (Voice-Alien)
Carl Toop (Aliens)
Tom Woodruff, Jr (Alien 3 Onward)
Joan LaBarbara (Voice-Alien: Resurrection)
Archie Hahn (Voice- Alien Resurrection)


Signature Weapon: Face-huggin' and Chest-burstin'

Location: Space

The Xenomorph is a pure killer.  Everything about the alien lead to the death of almost any living life-form that crosses its path.  Physically, the alien has razor-sharp teeth, long claws, and a tail that can pierce any skin.  The creature's blood is highly corrosive adding to the already impossible task of killing the beast.  Oh yeah, its reproduction process involves "impregnating" its host through larvae that attaches to the face and leaves an embryo in the body that violently bursts through the chest of its prey once its ready. Even at birth, the first thing the Xenomorph does is kill.


Creators: Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper

Appearances: 7 Films

Gunnar Hansen (Original)
Bill Johnson (Sequel)
R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface)
Robert Jacks (Next Generation)
Andrew Bryniarski (Remake, The Beginning)
Dan Yeager (3D)

Bubba Sawyer
Jed Sawyer
Thomas Hewitt

Signature Weapon: Chainsaw

Location: Texas

Although Leatherface has always been portrayed as human, there is a really strong monster feel to the character.  And this is not just going off his appearance that is terrifying on its own.  The animalistic nature of Leatherface is what really makes him seem like a monster.  Tobe Hooper described him as a "big baby" whose two main motivations for killing are self-defense and orders from his family, who appear to have complete control over him.  The character has a brutality and grittiness that is unmatched by any other horror icon.