Thursday, March 16, 2017

4 Pinhead (Hellraiser) vs Jacob Goodnight (See No Evil)


Starring Roles: 8

The Skinny:  One of the most recognizable characters in all of the horror genre, Pinhead and the rest of the Cenobites are some of the creepiest villains in cinema, torturing victims and audiences for almost 30 years.

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Jacob Goodnight

Starring Roles: 2

The Skinny: On paper Kane makes the most sense. He's basically a masked Michael Myers type of bad guy in wrestling, right? It would make sense for him to be in a slasher. He'd probably be the best fit of all of them. Problem is, he isn't wearing a mask. His face isn't scary at all. He just looks like a big dumb cunt with no eyebrows.

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