Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Windmill (2016)

Starring: Charlotte Beaumont, Patrick Baladi, and Bart Klever
Homicidal Maniac: Kenan Raven as Miller Hendrik
Run time: 1:25:00
Quick Synopsis: A group of bus tourists find themselves trapped in a windmill as a supernatural miller stalks and attempts to kills them.
Finding a decent horror movie on Netflix these days can sometimes feel like playing Russian roulette with a fully-loaded revolver so I was pleasantly surprised by The windmill.  The film does not try to reinvent the wheel (which is usually the right way to go), but it does attempt to make an interesting mash-up of different horror ideas to create a respectable premise.  The acting is a little more hit than miss and each character is given some backstory to work with.  The villain is imposing, both physically and with his supernal abilities, and his kills are done in an entertaining fashion.  The biggest gripe against the film is the lack of any level of suspense and very little mystery.  Additionally, the movie gets sloppy a few times and the ending is fairly underwhelming.  Overall, though, The Windmill is a watchable awful horror movie.

Fun Fact: While the film was released as The Windmill in the United States, the original title is The Windmill Massacre
Hidden Gem: Tanroh Ishida was the only one on set that spoke Japanese. Director Nick Jongerius was unable to verify his lines until he was given translations during editing.
Total Kill Count: 11
Prostitute-Prostitute- Donnya Zidan (24:00) Neck Snapped. Gore Rating: 3
Jack- Ben Batt (25:00) Head stomped in. Gore Rating: 9
Nicholas Cooper- Noah Taylor (42:00) Guts ripped out. Gore Rating: 8
Jenny's Dad- Derek Howard (49:00) Burned alive. Gore Rating: ---
Danny- Danny Jongejun (49:00) Burned alive. Gore Rating:----
Ruby- Fiona Hampton (56:00) Drowned. Gore Rating:---
Curt's Mom- Famke Lakerveld (1:04:00) Strangled. Gore Rating: ---
Douglas- Patrick Baladi (1:04:00) Decapitated. Gore Rating: 7
Takashi- Tanroh Ishida (1:06:00) Stabbed in stomach. Gore Rating: 6
Abe- Bart Klever (1:17:00) Throat Slit. Gore Rating: 8
Jenny- Charlotte Beaumont (1:19:00) Face smashed in/hooked. Gore Rating: 9

             Horror Film: 5
             Entertainment: 7
             Gore: 8
             Overall: 6.25